Tuesday, June 10, 2003

How's this going?
I've had trouble getting Net access so far but have discovered a connection in the suite. Thanks to Jessica for her posts, she had to stand in line at the Cybercafe to do it.
I got to the training session this afternoon and was very impressed by the great suggestions given by Debbie Wolfe of the St. Petersburg Times and Julia Franco of the LA Times. They also had great handouts. Some of these may be on the news division Website, so take a look later in the week. I heard great comments in the hall outside from people saying it was one of the best they'd attended.

I posted to the blog from the blogging session Monday morning, but didn't take much time to post a long posting. Basically I wanted to demonstrate how simple posting to the blog can be.

I wrote the below posting Monday but couldn't post it: here it is now:

I haven’t had luck getting Net access so far this conference so sorry posting has not been there. I’m hoping others may come up with something too. At least if we can’t get news from conference posted during conference we should be able to have something up within a few days.
So far news division members have done the Newsday tour; they’ve attending the CE course on public records; attended two panels, on Internet (blogging and invisible web), and archiving. There was a luncheon rountable with representatives from LexisNexis, Dialog, Newsbank and Factiva, where there were lively discussions of revenue issues, timely updating v. less enhanced data, royalties, access through public and university libraries and third party vendors, and more. The annual meeting installed Justin Scroggs as treasurer and included announcements that Jennifer Small Evert is the new chair elect and Jim Hunter the education committee director. Neither of the last two attended. Of course, Michael Jesse handed over the gavel to planning czarina Linda Henderson.
And that’s the Monday news.
-- Liz Donovan, Miami Herald, from SLA conference in New York.


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