Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Fall 2003 Issue of News Library News
The Fall 2003 issue of News Library News is now available. This issue marks a milestone in the history of the newsletter because it is the first issue to be distributed only electronically. The Special Libraries Association News Division decided a few months ago to cease production of a print edition. While many of you may be very disappointed not to receive a print edition from the News Division anymore, please don't let that stop you from taking a look at this season's issue. The .pdf format allows for color images that wouldn't have made it to the print edition. It looks fantastic! Editor Ron Larson and designer Cheri Dantin worked hard to convert it into a nice .pdf format.

Enough about the format, though. This issue features lots of articles on digitizing microfilm--a topic that keeps popping up on Newslib--as well as coverage of the recent black out that left many of our colleagues in the dark and a profile of the Santa Fe New Mexican's library and News Library Consultant Rebekah Azen.

--Jessica Baumgart, SLA News Division Webmaster


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