Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Afternoon update:
I'm glad to see the things I posted this morning went through, because I couldn't see them after I posted them.
Today's sessions were full of wonderful information. I don't have time to summarize all of them, and other attendees may post something too.
But we had sessions on CAR, and backgrounding elections and campaign contributions, access to public records, and...I think that's it.
I'll write descriptions later and post them if no one else has. A couple mentions: Derek Willis' presentation is already posted on his The Scoop site, under Projects. Derek is also offering to provide campaign contribution data for free, and is asking for local data we've gathered in return.
John Maine's sample databases are available on his Web site, see the handout on the News Division site (click on Conferences, and 2004), but it's not yet posted.


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