Monday, July 31, 2006

On researchers

American Journalism Review has a nice article by an editorial assistant, Alia Malik, about news researchers: Beyond the Byline. Several news researchers are quoted or mentioned here, including the Sun-Sentinel's computer assisted reporting expert, John Maines.
The others: The Union-Tribune's Erin Hobbs, Denise Davidson, Peter Uribe and the late Cecilia IƱiguez; Columbus Dispatch's Jim Hunter; Anne Holcomb of the Kalamazoo Gazette; National Geographic's Ellie Briscoe; Michael Panzer of the Philadelphia Inquirer; and Raleigh's Denise Jones.

Nice quote from Maines:
"I'm in the back of the airplane," he explains. "I'm the navigator, I'm the bombardier. I'm not the person who's flying the plane, but my job's extremely important, and they're relying on me to make sure we get where we're going and that we don't drop a bomb on a church."

One more in a growing list of recognition for news researchers.


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