Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aside Bar -- From the Editor

At this time last year, I was pouring over the SLA conference materials and debating which sessions to attend (little did I know what additional obstacles would soon come my way). In New Orleans, we decided to move News Library News over to a blog format, and this year's conference marks the first one we will be tackling that way.

While I wish I could be there with all of you in Philadelphia, I want to try some new things to bring a little bit of the conference to those of us who are unable to attend. I have three volunteers (and would be happy to have more) who will be our eyes and ears at the sessions and events. We will also be thrilled to post any slides or other materials from moderators, presenters and panelists (so send those files and links!). Or you can send us a photo or two from your adventures.

In the coming days we'll be bringing you some additional materials to help you plan your schedule of events -- or perhaps just a list to drool over for those of us attending in spirit.

If you can't make it to Philly, don't lose hope. Summer is a great time to take a moment to learn something new. Perhaps things slow down -- even a little bit -- in your library for you to peruse some new websites; learn how to use something more efficiently, like a new formula in Excel or the search language in your archive system; or a new skill, e.g., a programming language or wiki coding.

Even if vacationing co-workers or unsure interns keep the pace fast, take the time anyway. Just like we all need a vacation from the daily grind to keep us fresh, your brain may like the "fresh air" of something new.

--Julie Domel


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