Thursday, August 14, 2003

Update: 2003 SLA Annual Conference Material on the Web
Since the Newsliblog is mentioned in the latest issue of News Library News, I figured someone had better post something on it.

Today, I finished recoding the last 2003 Special Libraries Association Annual Conference News Division session PowerPoint presentation I received and posted it on the News Division Web site. Carolyn Edds helped me with this work a lot by doing the preliminary HTML conversion of the presentations. (For some reason, my computers don't do the HTML conversions as well as hers do.) There are a few others lending a hand here and there, too. (I'm still hoping some people will help write summaries of the sessions, especially the sessions I didn't attend.)

Now, I can take a break from conference stuff to code the latest issue of News Library News, which has a feature story by Liz Donovan about blogging.

--Jessica Baumgart, SLA News Division Webmaster