Saturday, November 13, 2004

Fall 2004 News Library News

Kathryn Pease's debut issue as managing editor of News Library News is packed with excellent articles! The feature article details how some of our Florida colleagues survived the recent series of hurricanes and includes some great photos. (One might make someone think twice about using the ladies room.) Amy Disch profiles the library of National Public Radio. Jennifer Aleknavage and John Ganly write about providing special information services during the Republican National Convention in New York City. A new column by Angelica Cortez will focus on becoming a news librarian.

Lots of great reading material!

Update on NewsliBlog's Feedster RSS Feed

Thanks to Scott Johnson of Feedster, NewsliBlog's Feedster-generated RSS feed is working again.

Unfortunately, while we were working on the problem today, I realized the search mechanism on the sidebar of the blog isn't working. Upon investigating, Scott discovered it's something on Feedster's end, so he notified the appropriate person. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved soon.

Feedster, a search engine specializing in RSS and Atom feeds with lots of nifty tools, has awesome customer service. I appreciate their assistance and willingness to help a lot.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Blog Tracks North American Media Errors

Regret The Error tracks errors in North American media and involving the media. A number of recent posts give examples of how political candidates misuse news quotes in their campaign materials.

The links on its right navbar go to online corrections for many news outlets, ombudspeople, and sources about journalism.

from Newslib

Problems with the Feedster-generated RSS Feed

The RSS feed for this blog via Feedster hasn't been working properly for some time. I contacted the folks at Feedster the other day regarding the problem and am waiting for some words of wisdom from them. The FeedBurner RSS feed, which wasn't working before, seems to be working now. Bizarre.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

More Election Resources

Gary Price has a fantastic list of election resources on the ResourceShelf. The News Division Web site also has a page (direct link), courtesy of Lauren Pressley. If you prefer to view it with the site's frames, from the front page, click Internet Sites, then Election Resources.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Voting and Returns Information by State

ResearchBuzz! lists links to voting and returns information for most of the United States.