Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Digital Presevation Survey of News Archives

UCLA's Department of Information Studies and the international preservation research group InterPARES hope news archivists will spare about an hour of their time to complete a survey regarding best practices and long-term issues of digital news archives.

From an e-mail to Newslib:

"By taking the survey, you will:
  • Help assess the potential threats to invaluable cultural resources
  • Raise awareness of digital issues in the publishing community
  • Drive standards and best practices for future archives
  • Assist vendors in developing practical systems

This first-ever survey is envisioned as determining some benchmarks that we can observe evolve in the next several years, as image archives systems mature and news archives are faced with large-scale data migrations.

Participants will receive copies of the final report to InterPARES so be sure to fill out the confidential contact information completely. Please e-mail or call with any questions or comments."


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