Monday, January 31, 2005

Want to go to SLA? Write a Great Essay, Get 1500 Bucks

Okay, well, it isn't that easy, but it is time, once again, for the Vormelker-Thomas Student Award Committee to gather applications from graduate students and recent graduates interested in news librarianship who will be attending their first Special Libraries Association conference in the hopes of giving away some money. Friday, March 11, 2005 is the deadline for applications. ProQuest co-sponsors the award with the SLA News Division. Details about how to apply are linked above.

Friday, January 28, 2005

SLA 2005 Annual Conference Info on News Division Web Site

I put a page on the News Division Web site with the few details I know about the News Division's activities during the SLA 2005 Annual Conference. When I learn more, I'll update the page accordingly. The above link is the direct link. If you'd like to view the page in the site's frames, from the homepage, go to the conferences section and follow the link to the SLA 2005 Annual Conference.

The awards page now has some of the 2005 award winners on it, all of whom deserve their honors. Congratulations to Richard Geiger of the San Francisco Chronicle, Ron Larson of Capital Newspapers, Alice Pepper of the Detroit Free Press, and Kathleen Hansen of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism!

I'd guess Richard is getting the award for his fabulous musical contributions to the News Division suite during the annual conferences. His talent is certain Kwapil-worthy. Ron was my mentor in graduate school and a pleasure to work with while he edited News Library News. Alice's bright and cheery personality make her ideal to work on the division's membership issues. She always makes me laugh at conferences and has taken some great photos of my beanie. Kathleen Hansen has siginificantly contributed to the scholarly literature about news librarianship--which is quite scarce to begin with. I cited many articles of hers during my graduate school years.

Monday, January 10, 2005

The Boston Globe's Library Staff Receives Credit for Analyzing Errors

Ombudsman Christine Chinlund credits Lisa Tuite and the staff of The Boston Globe's library for analyzing data about corrections that ran in the newspaper in 2004:

"The detailed annual analysis, prepared by Globe library chief Elisabeth Tuite and her staff ..."

Chinlund used the data for a column about errors and corrections in the newspaper.

Addendum 1/11: The URL above should work again. Thanks for letting me know it was broken, Bob.