Friday, April 21, 2006

Researcher librarians and Pulitzers: another one

Via NewsLib, the San Diego Union-Tribune announces that their researchers were part of their Pulitzer series. Congratulations to all. It's good to see that nearly every year, at least one Pulitzer includes a researcher component lately:

We want to point out that four staff librarians from The San Diego Union-Tribune received published credit on several stories in the entry that received the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting (as well as the 2006 George Polk Award for Political Reporting.) The reporting exposed the bribery and influence peddling by Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham that resulted in his resignation and prison sentence.

In addition to writers Marcus Stern and Jerry Kammer of Copley News Service and Dean Calbreath, Bruce Bigelow and Onell Soto of Union-Tribune, the librarians are Cecilia Iniguez, Erin Hobbs, Denise Davidson and Peter Uribe.

Sadly, Cecilia passed away on April 19. We salute her spirit and dedication. We would also like to recognize the contributions of Erin, Denise and Peter and the rest of the library staff for this important watchdog journalism effort.

Sharon Reeves, Library Manager
Merrie Monteagudo, Library Research Supervisor
Anne Magill, Library Administrative Supervisor
The San Diego Union-Tribune


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