Friday, April 21, 2006

Position at New York Times

(I thought I posted this yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared. If anyone else deleted it by request, please let me know.)

Researcher/ metadata specialist

The Times is seeking a researcher with specific skills in designing, editing and maintaining metadata for its multimedia resources.

Specifically, we are inviting a replacement for a job that we have known as a cataloger in our editorial library, but that now must include someone who selects, evaluates and relates various types of information resources in a comprehensive, logical and searchable system. Traditionally it covered books and magazines. It now covers reports, documents, video, DVDs, CDs, databases, web links, audio, books and magazines and whatever else comes down the pike that potentially contains useful, relevant, reliable information.

The Times has invested in a new cataloging system, capable of relating multimedia resources in ways we haven’t done before.

And it needs a driver...someone who can take a ‘document of the day’ relate it to other holdings, point to what can readily be obtained to amplify a story; someone who can monitor enterprise and add perspective. We seek someone with a demonstrated desire to seek out, vet, organize and share information in ways that make it easy, effective and more valuable to the end-user, in ways that capitalize on our existing print resources and combine them with new formats.

Duties would include developing and maintaining appropriate metadata for shared electronic access, cataloging electronic and print resources, and migrating print resources to digital access; keeping one eye on expanding resources of long term significance and the other on costs. The Researcher/metadata specialist, using good news judgment, will cull, collect and manage data, sources, links, and reference materials regardless of format, with the aim of sharing it all across a mobile newsroom with a continuous news cycle, the IHT, the Web, broadcast and other forms of publication.

If interested, contact ..

Barbara Oliver
Director of Research
New York Times
229 W 43rd St.
New York, NY 10036

barbol -- at --


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