Sunday, May 14, 2006

Membership Directory and News Library News

Just a quick note about two additions to the Special Libraries Association News Division Web site:

The 2006 SLA News Division Membership Directory is now available to members for downloading, thanks to Membership Chair Alice Pepper, the members of the Membership Committee, and Newsbank, which provides support for the directory. Information about how to access the directory is available on the Web site.

The Spring 2006 News Library News, which went online Sunday, contains several articles about Baltimore (the site of the 2006 SLA Annual Conference), a profile of The Baltimore Sun, some info about XML feeds, a bit about Gary Price's talk at Simmons College, and the newsletter's regular features. I'd say "check it out," but since you can download it, you don't need to borrow it from a library. <rim tap>


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