Tuesday, May 02, 2006

News Division Activities during the SLA 2006 Annual Conference

The Special Libraries Association News Division has lots of great and useful activities planned during the SLA 2006 Annual Conference. As in years past, the schedule will be in flux a bit going into the conference, but the details are there. Nowhere else can you find a better list of division activities, including committee meetings, than on the division's Web site. Links to conference presentations, etc., will be available through the Web site during and after the conference. Check the blog periodically, too, because some folks at the conference will be writing posts here, too. If I recall correctly, that means this blog is about three years old because Liz Donovan cranked it up in time for the 2003 Annual Conference and it's still going. Yay!

The News Division Suite, by the way, is in the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel. The exact location is still unknown.

Need a little cash to go? Don't forget that applications for the 2006 Hayden Fellowship are due Friday, May 6. The fellowship provides funds for professional development activities.


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